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In 2019, I tried to sculpt a horrible mummy by hand for a Fantasy Football Miniatures team.

You may not know our story, but you’ve just found the best collection of Fantasy Football teams and miniatures.

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No, we are a brand that designs, produces, and distributes physical miniatures.

I love what has happened with the market, the incorporation of STL files has democratized and broken barriers for new players.
It helps independent collectible brands to increase their reach, develop, and grow the hobby.

Besides, it’s perfect for developing painting skills without having to sell a kidney. Then you can practice on the miniatures you care most about.

Our resin is from a special formula.

Forget about resins that cost €40 per liter.

Ours is Waia Modern.

If your kid, your dog, or if you’ve had a few too many drinks and accidentally knock the minis to the ground, you can rest assured.

Most likely, they will survive intact.

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