One day, I started playing this game. I liked it.

I liked it a lot.
But soon, I got bored of my team.
It was a team of humans with repeated poses. It wasn’t very nice, to be honest.

I bought some miniatures from independent brands to complete it.
I was happy as a lark.
But soon, I got bored again, because it was still the same boring team with different miniatures.

Then I thought I could transform that team myself.
I really enjoyed the process, it was a bit bizarre, but in the end, I did it.

Some heads here, some arms there. And some epoxy putty (that’s why it was a bit bizarre, using epoxy putty to stick and shape is not the best way).

And there I was with a unique team.

Damn, but it wasn’t unique enough. I had to make miniatures from scratch. And then came the Mummy moment.
Yes, that was the beginning, 2018-2019.
It wasn’t a very nice miniature, but it was my mummy, made by me.

I still have it by the way.

And well, now you can see us.
A company that carries out the entire process from start to finish.
Design, production, and sales.
A brand that has grown through its ups and downs to become a collector’s brand. Beautiful and unique designs,
you can ask our customers about the quality,
but if you ask me, I’ll tell you it’s fantastic.
And every year that passes, even better.

Well, if you want to see our faces, you can see us up here.
I’m the one smiling in the middle of the field.
I don’t want to be arrogant, but we’re pretty awesome.
I know saying that I don’t want to be arrogant won’t make you think I’m not, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that our miniatures are indeed awesome.

And if you don’t like them, you can always use them to vent your frustrations, your anger, or whatever you want to do with them.

Keep Playing, Keep Laughing

And if, by any chance, you’d like to meet us in person (we don’t accept visits from people with machetes or firearms) here’s a map so you can find us.

And since there always needs to be a nice and magical phrase to serve as a slogan, here it goes.