The Misunderstood Sons


Scale: 32 mm
Material: Hard resin
The miniature is unpainted, unassembled.
Round base included.



The Misunderstood Sons team originated from resentment and rejection, consisting of players who were ousted from their race due to their refusal to align with the noble and pure desires of their kind. These elves were always known for their dark and Machiavellian determination to achieve their goals. They joined forces to demonstrate that those who spurned them were mistaken and failed to harness the inherent power within them.

The team comprises a frontline of players willing to sacrifice everything. In the second line, you find the most experienced assassins skilled in the dirtiest arts, two sharp and incisive runners, two bloodthirsty witch elves, and four of the best-trained and armed fighters, the blitzers.

Additionally, the team includes a game ball and three markers: a re-roll marker, a score marker, and a turn marker.