The Jackasses’ Killers


Scale: 32 mm
Material: Hard resin
The miniature is unpainted, unassembled.
Round base included.



The Jackasses’ Killers team embodies the ancient roots of feminism in human history. This team represents pain, suffering, punishment, violence, and endurance, all of which are part of their past. However, these warriors are determined to prevent their peers or descendants from enduring the same hardships that have toughened their bodies and souls. Trained for combat in a traditionally male-dominated sport, they are ready to fight.

A multitude of players, clenching their teeth so hard they squeak, form the front line alongside two Amazonian blockers. They create an opening for the blitzers, poised to deliver the decisive blow and thwart any opponent aiming for a touchdown. The blitzers await the perfect pass that could secure victory. In the distance, like hissing snakes, the throwers focus their eyes on delivering the ball with the speed and venom of a poisonous bite.

The team also includes a game ball and three markers: a re-roll marker, a score marker, and a turn marker.