Rep’Tailz Warriors


Scale: 32 mm
Material: Hard resin
The miniature is unpainted, unassembled.
Round base included.


In stock


A roar heralds the chill that runs through the bones, the same cold that courses through their veins. The brute force of the Rep’Tailz Warriors team is unparalleled, their most animalistic instincts causing the ground to tremble with each step of their beasts. No one is safe from the most bloodthirsty lizards; the jungle is theirs, and now they hunger for more.

Nothing satisfies the bloodlust of their most mammoth member; Sauriox leverages his immense size to intimidate opponents, and with his colossal tail, he protects his territory. The Saurians follow him in a wave of destruction, creating an almost impenetrable melee. The tough skin and muscle of these Lizardmen make penetrating their defenses a nearly impossible task, aiding their smaller counterparts in doing the less dirty work.

Additionally, the team includes a game ball and three markers: a re-roll marker, a score marker, and a turn marker.